Grantee and Consultant Portal

Welcome to the Annie E. Casey Grantee and Consultant Portal!

As we launch the new portal, we are experiencing some issues. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please make note of current announcements below. If you have questions or concerns, please email the Grants Management team at When emailing, please include your name, your grant number or consultant number (for example GA-20XX-XXXXX) and the name of organization to help us assist you more quickly.

Workforce Composition Survey

The Annie E. Casey Foundation asks that grantee and consultant organizations complete the workforce composition survey each year. We use this data to analyze the diversity of our partners, inform our grantmaking decisions and equitably and efficiently target resources in pursuit of our mission. You can complete the survey by clicking on the link that appears in a pale-yellow banner at the top of each page in the portal. This banner alerts you that you have not completed the survey yet. You will not be able to submit new requests or reports until the survey has been completed. If you do not see the pale yellow banner requesting you complete the survey, then the survey is complete.


Consultant Invoices

To create and submit an invoice, go to your active consultant agreement by clicking on "Requests" in the top tool bar. Once you select the correct consultant agreement, click on the "Invoices" tab. This page will allow you to see the invoices submitted for the agreement. Click on the blue “+ Create” button on the right-hand side of the page to create and submit a new invoice. 


Grantee Reports

Until the reporting feature in the new portal system is fully functional we are asking grantees to follow these directions to submit reports as a short-term solution. 

The portal allows you to complete grants and consulting agreements, view submitted agreements and recent payments and to submit reports and invoices for payment. All submission of applications and reports will only be processed via the portal.

Applications for funding are by request only. You cannot use this portal to create a letter of inquiry or submit an unsolicited request for funding. Also, you can only view grants and agreements that have you listed as a contact. 


For assistance with the portal, please email to start a help desk ticket. Please include your name, your grant number or consultant number (for example GA-20XX-XXXXX) and the name of organization in your email to help us assist you more quickly. Any unsolicited inquiries sent to this email will not be accepted.